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Estrothin™ Review



As women go through perimenopause and menopause, symptoms can occur that make women often frustrated or stressed. As women encounter this process, they can easily gain weight and changes in mood can occur. For this reason, products like Estrothin™ have been developed. Estrothin™ is a liquid menopausal formula that you can mix with a liquid and drink.

According to the manufacturer, Estrothin™ is a liquid formula because its more potent and ingredients are substantially higher when delivered in a liquid form rather than a powder form. This helps accelerate the movement of the formula through the body system. The manufacturer claims that this liquid extract is mild and pleasant in taste.

When looking at information provided by the manufacturer of Estrothin™, we found that this formula is marketed to help control mood swings, hot flashes and helps stimulate weight loss. However, the manufacturer does not specifically claim that Estrothin™ is marketed to manage irritability, night sweats or low libido. These are other symptoms commonly connected to menopause. You can explore our review grid below to find a list of products that can address all the symptoms of menopause listed above.

Estrothin™ liquid menopause formula does not publish a detailed ingredients list on its website. We are unsure if this formula contains Black Cohosh, an ingredient that has been studied and shown to help with menopausal symptoms. Although a detailed ingredients list is not provided the manufacturer does state that Estrothin™ contains clinically substantiated Aadaptogenic Phyto-Plant Activity.

The ingredient Aadaptogens has been clinically shown to combat stress and subsequently helps reduce abnormal weight gain, bloating, mood swings, hot flashes, and low energy connected to menopause, as stated by the manufacturer of Estrothin.

Although Estrothin Menopause liquid contains an ingredient that is clinically studied, the manufacturer does not claim that this product was clinically tested on its ability to improve symptoms of menopause. Some manufactures clinically tested their products to see how well they worked for women affected by menopause. See some of these products on the review grid we provided below.

The manufacturer of Estrothin™ offers product purchase specials like Buy 2, Get 1 Free specials to help you save money. Also, a single bottle of Estrothin™ appears to retail for less than $50 online. This is affordable compared to products that cost more than $50 online. Please refer to the grid below to compare Estrothin™ to other products.

Estrothin™ Details:

Size: 1.0 oz
Instructions: According to the manufacturer: use a dropper full (30 to 40 drops) once per day. Mix into one half glass of any liquid, stir and drink it all. Optimal effect will be realized when using on an empty stomach. Frequency of use may be increased when experiencing abnormal or extreme stress conditions. However, we do not recommend use more than four times per day. We do not recommend use of the product when pregnant or to children under the age of five.
Ingredients: Eleuthero Root, Schzandra Berry, Green Tear Extract, Rhodiola Root, Garcinia Cambogia, Chinese Ginseng, Stevia, Black Cohosh, Dong Quai Root, Chasteberry, Yerba Mate, Guarana, Damiana Herb, Wild Yam Root, Vegetable Glycerin, Deionized Water, and Natural Flavors.

Cons on Estrothin™:

Even though Estrothin menopause liquid helps address several symptoms related to menopause, it does not claim it addresses some of the most common menopause symptoms like: night sweats, headaches or memory loss. There are other menopause products on the market that are sold in a capsule form and can address symptoms like: mood swings, night sweats, hot flashes, irritability, and low libido.

You can also find products that contain Black Cohosh if you explore your options. Products like Menolax contain this ingredient. See how Estrothin compares to menopause capsule supplements. See the review grid below.

Estrothin™ Wrap Up:

Estrothin™  does not publish any information suggesting it contains the ingredient, Black Cohosh, which has been shown to help manage menopause symptoms. According to the manufacturer, Estrothin™ is a liquid-based product that is available for purchase online and retails for under $50 like MenoLaxPromensil and Menopol. However, the manufacturer does not claim that Estrothin™ is marketed to help manage night sweats. This is one of the most common symptoms associated with menopause. We recommend electing menopause supplements that can help address the most common symptoms of menopause: night sweats, mood swings, irritability, hot flashes and low libido.


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